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Why Are My Yelp Reviews Always Getting Filtered?

17.02.2015 in Blog

Trying to discover the algorithms for how your Yelp reviews are being filtered is similar to attempting to figure out Google’s methodology to SEO. Though not as complicated, no one actually knows the exact formula that Yelp uses when sorting out recent reviews and it’s…

5 Marketing Trends for 2015

14.01.2015 in Blog

What better way to greet the New Year than to rev up your online image?  You may have resolutions to hit the gym or to be less stressed in your personal life, but what are you doing for your business?  We’re here to take the…

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

19.11.2014 in Blog

Remember those school days when if someone in another class said your breath smelled like gym shoes, you were grabbing mints and preparing a comeback by the next period? Or maybe you were one of those kids who had an “old soul” and you didn’t…

How Duplicate Content May Affect Your Ranking

23.07.2014 in Blog

Having your website rank high in Google is much more complicated than a few adjustments to your content and meta tags. There are many factors to consider in order for your website to consistently rank high. Often times your website can be doing well with…

How To Get Amazing Photos For Your Website

18.06.2014 in Blog

Are you trying to compile your website? When you create a website there are often many elements to consider. You want quality and relevant content that engages your customers. You want an easy way for your customers to contact you whether it’s a link to…

Responsive Design: Why You Need It!

21.05.2014 in Blog

The world of technology is changing rapidly. As a small business owner you need your need to be found by your customers. At K-3 Technologies your Atlanta Web Design firm we make sure that happens! One of our most effective techniques that we implore with…

Tools for a Successful Website

16.04.2014 in Blog

Your website is the online representation of your business.  In order to get noticed and have the type of exposure that you need you must implore several strategies. K-3 Technologies is an expert in Atlanta web design and we have mastered the formula to help…