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Tools for a Successful Website

16 Apr 2014, by Carlyon Christian in Blog

Your website is the online representation of your business.  In order to get noticed and have the type of exposure that you need you must implore several strategies. K-3 Technologies is an expert in Atlanta web design and we have mastered the formula to help your business’s website succeed at its top level. We think that there are five essential tools that every website needs: Google Analytics, Quote Forms/ Request an Estimate, Yoast Plugin for WordPress, Call Tracking Number, and Responsive design. Let’s look a little deeper into these tools and explain why they are important.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that gives you detailed statistics about your website’s traffic. It allows you to see how often you visitors are coming to your site and how they are getting there. Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to get real time feedback on how your site is doing.

Quote Form/ Request an Estimate

A “quote form or a request an estimate” is feature embedded into your site that allows customers to immediately contact you without having to pick up a phone. This is very important because it also allows new customers to engage with you through your site all while your database for contacts for new marketing campaigns is growing. This is another effective tool to track how your website is doing. If people are filling out an online form it’s called a lead which is essentially why you put money in Internet marketing in the first place.

Yoast Plugin for WordPress

The Yoast plugin is another essential tool for your site. Yoast essentially helps optimize your site for maximum SEO. Even K-3 Technologies, the leading Atlanta SEO company, uses Yoast to help its clients gain better advantage in Google.

Call Tracking Number

A call tracking number is a phone number placed on your website so that customers can call you directly. It is unique because it is not your main number you use for your business but rather a number that site visitors use so that marketers know they found your business through your website rather than some other medium. This is yet another way to see if your Internet marketing dollars are working!

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is an amazing tool for your website and we personally think its one of the most essential. Responsive design is a way of designing your site that provides the most optimal viewing experience. It adapts to whatever device it is being viewed. Whether visitors are looking at your site on their desktop or mobile phone, a website that is crafted with responsive design will look great.

If you have questions on any of these tools, or see one that you would like to implement on your website, please do not hesitate to reach out! We would love to help optimize your site to get the best conversions possible.