K-3 Technologies | How Duplicate Content May Affect Your Ranking
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How Duplicate Content May Affect Your Ranking

23 Jul 2014, by Carlyon Christian in Blog

Having your website rank high in Google is much more complicated than a few adjustments to your content and meta tags. There are many factors to consider in order for your website to consistently rank high. Often times your website can be doing well with SEO but then for some unknown reason it begins to drop in rankings. As a website owner this can be very unsettling! Here at K-3 Technologies we would like to give you a little insight into why your website could have taken a sudden drop.

If another business has copied the content on your website, this will greatly affect your SEO. Regardless of where this business is located, Google has the ability to find duplicate content and thus lower your overall ranking. The unfortunate aspect to duplicate content is that another website could have pulled your content without any knowledge to you!

The good news is that there are tools that can help determine if duplicate content is the cause of your sudden lower rankings! At K-3 Technologies, we use a tool called Copyscape.com. Copyscape is a leading tool for detecting online plagiarism and it can easily help you find sites that have copied your content without your permission.

So what exactly can you do if you detect your content being plagiarized by another business? That’s where we come in. At K-3 Technologies, we have become experts in helping our clients deal with online plagiarism. If you find that your rankings have dropped and that you no longer are experiencing the same success you once were on Google, give us a call and we can get started on fixing the problem.