K-3 Technologies | Responsive Design: Why You Need It!
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Responsive Design: Why You Need It!

21 May 2014, by Carlyon Christian in Blog

The world of technology is changing rapidly. As a small business owner you need your need to be found by your customers. At K-3 Technologies your Atlanta Web Design firm we make sure that happens! One of our most effective techniques that we implore with all of our websites is making sure that they are responsive and thus mobile friendly.

Why is this so important?

Responsive Design Caters To People Searching For You On Their Mobile Devices.

  • When your website is responsive your customers can not only find you on the web but view your website in a way that makes sense for a mobile device

 Sales for Desktops and Laptops Are On The Decline. 

  • Sales for stationary devices are on the decline which makes the need for mobile friendly websites even that much more important. More and more consumers will be viewing your site on their mobile device or tablet rather than a traditional desktop, therefore your website must look good on all three.

 Mobile Sources Tend To Convert Better

  • People who are searching on mobile devices are more likely to convert! Their searches are more focused and there is usually more of a need than those who search on desktops.

A mobile friendly site is so important but you might say why does it have to be responsive? I already have a mobile site and a traditional site. Unfortunately, this technology is outdated for a few reasons.

 Multiple Updates

  • When you have two versions of your site, mobile and desktop, you are forced to make updates and changes twice. This can create major issues down the line when one site gets updated and the other does not.

Not Tablet Friendly

  • Another disadvantage to mobile sites is that they are not tablet friendly. They only respond to a mobile phone and do not pull up correctly on your tablet.

Responsive design is truly the way to go because it looks clean and well laid on any device. Your customer will be able to find you and your sales will increase!