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Why Do I Need SEO?

02.10.2013 in Blog

You just started your company, and you have just launched your brand new responsive website for the world to see. Trouble is no one is coming to your website unless you mention it on Social Media, or a customer picks up a business card with your…

What is Local Optimization?

30.09.2013 in Blog

You are a local business with a website, Facebook page, and a Twitter account.  Now what? How do you distinguish yourself among two or three other businesses that are like yours, in the same location? How do you pull in new customers from an online search?…

Responsive Websites – What is it and Why Do I Need One?

30.09.2013 in Blog

Responsive Web Design? What is that? Do I need that? Why do they keep changing everything on the web! Those are some great questions. While we can’t help you with why the internet keeps changing constantly, we can answer the questions about Responsive Design. A…