K-3 Technologies | CORPORATE
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Beautiful, custom websites. For when templates just won’t do it!


f you are looking for a unique web presence, then our Corporate Design service is for you. Unlike our Startup and Small Business packages, we provide you with a custom website built from the ground up, to your exact specifications. No more templates here! More importantly, this package includes an indispensable market analysis in which we study your industry and find out what web strategies are working for your competition. We then use this information to come up with a concrete plan for outperforming your biggest competitors!

The entire process begins with a 1-on-1 consultation session. Your project manager meets with you and helps determine the exact requirements of your site. Our years of web marketing experience allows us to advise you on the best strategies for your particular situation. From there our talented team of web designers begin the process of creating your website. Throughout the entire process, your project manager not only keeps you updated on the status of the project, but also serves as your personal web consultant, providing priceless information on how to improve your chances of success.



  • want a unique web presence
  • specific requirements for their website that cannot be accomplished using a template
  • have a reasonable budget to dedicate to web marketing
  • don’t have the time or expertise needed to build their own website
  • need complex database-driven or e-commerce features
  • need complex programming services in order to build an engaging web experience


  • generate more profits / leads
  • reduce advertising costs
  • reach new & existing customers
  • build brand awareness
  • sell products / services online
  • streamline business communication