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Social Media Marketing

Social Media. It’s time to connect with your customers


et’s face it, Social media has forever changed the face of online marketing.  Customers are now spending more time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter than any other sites across the web.  As a business owner, you are now faced with the challenge of putting your company and its message on the sites were customers are spending most of their time.  That’s where our Social Media Marketing (SMM) services come in.   We can help get exposure for your company and brand across a variety of social media channels.


  • We create a business profile for you on Facebook and Twitter. These pages are also customized to match the design of your company website.
  • Our social media manager comes up with a monthly marketing plan where we schedule all of our Facebook and Twitter posts ahead of time.  This gives you a chance to review everything and make sure that you approve before it goes live.
  • We install a variety of sharing tools on your site so that users can share your content across the web.
  • We track your performance on a monthly basis to see how customers are sharing and interacting with your brand.



  • Be able to market its products and services across social media
  • Reach new customers that are likely to be interested in your products or services because they are being recommended by friends and family
  • Tap into a market that is often overlooked by your competition
  • Receive detailed reports on your advertising campaign


  • Have a product or service that customers want to share with friends and family (ex. restaurants, hair salons, etc.)
  • Want to generate leads / sales from their website