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Social Media – Do I Need to Be on All of the Platforms?

02 Oct 2013, by Carlyon Christian in Blog

Social Media can be a bit like the newest phone out on the market. As soon as you get that new phone you have been eyeing for a while, the next version pops up on a commercial a week later. Oh no! Do you run out and purchase the newest and latest phone, or do you decide to stick with what you have and effectively use what you have?

This dilemma happens on social media networks monthly, if not weekly at the rate some of the platforms are coming out. There are your standard social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+, and then you add in Instagram, Vine, SnapChat, Pinterest, oh my! How is any business supposed to be on all of these platforms and hit every customer demographic?

Short answer: you can not be on every single social media platform. Unless you are a major brand and can have multiple employees working on these accounts at all times, it won’t happen for you. How am I supposed to meet my customers where they are, you ask. The key is to first find out where your customers are, and not assume they are on every single social media channel.

So what channels should I focus on? (Information via expandedramblings.com)

Facebook- In 2013 alone, Facebook has over 1.15 billion users.

Twitter-More than 200 million active users

Google+- 343 million users

Pinterest- Over 70 million users

Now on just those four platforms, and all of those users, you should be reaching your core demographic. And not overexerting yourself. If you are still not sure if you are connecting with your customers, test posting and schedules out. Ask for your customers to chime in and give their opinion about the social media platforms. Customers love to give their opinion, especially if they know you are listening.

Social media is a tool to help your business grow. If you find you are overwhelmed, or not reaching the audience you want, step back. Take a minute to re-evaluate and see what you can do differently. At K-3 Technologies, we provide social media services to help you promote your business. You are not alone!