K-3 Technologies | Search Engine Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing

Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising


ith our Atlanta Search Engine Marketing services (SEM), we can help drive a wealth of traffic and qualified leads to your website in a matter of days instead of the months usually associated with SEO. Working with you, we help identify the keywords that your customers are searching for and use this information to create compelling ads across Google, Yahoo and Bing.

However, our efforts don’t stop there. We also help our customers create landing pages that convert visitors into leads or sales. From there we constantly manage your advertising campaign to ensure that you are getting the absolute best return on your advertising. We monitor the number of leads coming from each ad and make the changes needed to reduce cost while increasing your company’s exposure.



  • Be able to target customers in a specific city or geographical region
  • Reach 98% of the websites that people commonly use when looking for products and services
  • Be able to promote the products and services that generate the most revenue
  • Always be a step in front of your competitors
  • Receive detailed reports on your advertising campaign


  • Don’t have time to wait for the results of SEO
  • Want to generate leads / sales from their website
  • Have an advertising budget of $2000